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At KIOR.com, we support and celebrate the story of you—for now, forever, and whatever’s in-between. Our technology develops in your hands to promote beauty on the inside and outside.

"There is no definition of beauty, but when you can see someone's spirit coming through, something unexplainable, that's beautiful to me."

–Liv Tyler

How our brand was born

It was a Monday afternoon, just like any other. Suddenly, my daughter ran inside the house, streaming tears. She was yelling over and over again, “I am not a gorilla girl! I am not a gorilla girl!”

Like any father, I ran to her to see what was the matter. The story she told me broke my heart. She was only in fifth grade, but unlike the other kids her age, she chose to go to math camp rather than play outside or swim at the local pools. Though I didn’t know why at the time, this terrible bullying incident was about to make everything clear.

Apparently, that morning, some of the boys at camp found out that she had hairy legs and had begun calling her “gorilla girl” over and over. As she explained the story to me, she said that this was why she’d decided on math camp. She could wear long sleeves and long pants without having to feel embarrassed, even though that meant sitting in a stale, smelly, hot room all day.

Devastated and still in tears, I took her to the store and bought her a waxing kit. Unfortunately, this proved too painful for her delicate skin. Next, we tried shaving her legs, but she was inexperienced and cut herself often. As a mother, it was so hard to watch. A girl this young should not have to go through such an ordeal!

I couldn’t help but wonder: how many kids have been bullied at such a young age due to something as insignificant as hairy legs? How many girls have cut their legs trying to shave away the shame of something that’s not only natural, but not their fault at all? There I was, a successful product engineer for a multi-national company, but at that moment, I felt utterly powerless to protect my own kids.

Finally, through many trials and errors, we designed a permanent laser hair removal machine that works even on the softest, most delicate skin. With any luck, the young boys and girls of the world will never have to suffer through what my daughter did.

We know how important confidence is. No matter who you are—whether you’re a man, a woman; Black, white, or brown; hurting or healing—we’re here to ensure that you have the tools you need to be beautiful and confident…

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