How to Remove the Hair Down There at Home

How to Remove the Hair Down There at Home

Once upon a time, bushy hair down there was a sign of youthfulness and sexual vitality. Today, it is frowned upon as unaesthetic. If you're on this page, chances are you're looking to get rid of the forest down there or 'design' it for a beach holiday or upcoming honeymoon. Perhaps you want to groom your private parts for a professional assignment or just want to feel hairless, smooth and sweat-free. The good news is that you don't have to book an appointment at a local hair removal centre, and try to get in and out as quickly as you can. 

There's a more private and discreet way to deal with your pubic hair: KIOR at-home IPL hair removal machine. It has been tested over thousands of sessions on various body parts, so it's safe to use in the delicate areas of your body.

Here's how you can go from hairy to hairless with our IPL device. 

Plan it right

It's a matter of your privates so you want to be extra careful about what you do and how you do it. This also applies to other methods of hair removal such as shaving, trimming or waxing at home. Of all methods, laser hair removal gives you more control as you can gently guide the device around the target areas. And I know this well because I've tried, without success, to razor off all my hairs down there and endured itchy, prickly ingrown hairs that made me want to scream. I tried waxing too and it hurt soo bad. No matter what anyone tells you, the discomfort is not worth it. 

An at-home IPL machine is not painful even in the most sensitive areas of your skin. You won't have to deal with a bunch of ingrown hairs. And you don't have to worry about losing blood!

Here's how you can have a completely comfortable and satisfying laser hair removal experience:

  1. Do it in front of a full-length mirror for clear views. You'll know whether you're positioning and guiding the tip of the device properly. You will also be able to see results and finish the job in a structured, continuous and complete manner. 
  2. You will need to sit down for the removal, and the most comfortable place is your bed. KIOR IPL device has a long power cord. Alternatively, you can use an extension cable from the mains to get into a comfortable position for zapping your hair. 
  3. For a distraction-free experience, choose the right time of the day. A quiet afternoon on the weekend or after dinner once the kids are in bed are opportune times. 
  4. No one wants to see you (or anyone) zapping hair from their privates. Your bedroom or a comfortable nook in your bathroom where you can stretch and position yourself without hassles are ideal places. If you have a DND sign, it makes sense to hang it outside your bedroom, dorm or bathroom door. 

 Getting down to it

 An IPL device uses a spectrum of light that targets the melanin found in hair. The root of the hair follicle contains higher levels of melanin. When the hair follicles absorb light from the IPL machine, they heat up and become impaired, leaving you with hairless skin. 

The spectrum of light from the IPL device must make contact with hair follicles. So, you first need to shave your private parts. This is a necessary step. 

IPL lasers zap hair effectively from clean, non-greasy surfaces. Make sure you clean your skin and avoid applying any product in the targeted areas prior to laser hair removal. 

Once the device is connected to the power source, you can turn the power button to 'ON' and start zapping. This is basically clicking the flash button to release the light onto your skin. 

There are different intensity levels. For delicate areas like your bikini line or scrotum, start off with a lower intensity and adjust according to your experience. 

Place the device against the area you want to remove hair from. Click on the flash button. The IPL device will emit a flash and zap hairs in that area. Flash an area once per session.

Remember to switch off the device after use.

It is normal to feel a sensation of increased heat in your private parts or underarms as they generally have denser and thicker hair. If the heat is more than you wish to bear, turn down the setting and resume. 

KIOR IPL hair removal device is designed for all skin types, including sensitive skin. You're unlikely to experience any discomfort using it in areas with thinner or delicate skin. 

Stay focused through the entirety of the session. If you're distracted, you may end up zapping the same area multiple times or leave out another, which will only add to the time spent in achieving the level of grooming you desire. 

What to expect afterwards

Some irritation and redness after IPL hair removal is normal. You may also find a few bumps in the area. This is your body's natural response to tiny infections resulting from pressure on the skin. The redness will disappear in a few hours and the bumps should also go away soon. 

Clean the treated area gently. Avoid applying moisturizers, lotions or other cosmetics for the first 24 hours. Also avoid swimming in a public/gym pool for 48 hours as the chlorinated water may irritate your skin. Let your skin feel free and breathe easy. 

The skin down there will be a bit sensitive after laser hair removal and may burn upon direct exposure to sunlight. Make sure to avoid the sun for about two weeks.  

If the area itches, avoid scratching it. For relief from itching and burning, place a washcloth soaked in cool water on the area. 

The mild side-effects of laser hair removal go away on their own and don't need special care. 

Ill or on your period? Postpone IPL hair removal.

Your body's pain receptors are more active just before and during your period. As you may be more sensitive to pain than usual, you may want to schedule your hair removal to a later date. However, this is entirely up to you.

The other reason is that the process may get a bit messy when you're menstruating. You may be okay doing it if you use a cup or tampon. Think about it and do what works for you. 

During a mild sickness, laser hair removal is unadvisable. In general, it is best to postpone any elective procedure when you have a fever or illness. 

Groom your privates conveniently at home!

IPL hair removal offers many benefits over other methods. When it comes to grooming down there, you can remove as much or as little as you want, and get creative with it easily. Laser hair zapping devices work equally well whether you need to groom only your bikini line or do a full Brazilian. Seek to be a minimalist and remove all the hair above and at the base of your penis? IPL machines work like a charm. They're also handy when you want to create the classic landing strip or unique neat shapes down there. 

Ingrown hair from shaving and tweezing look unsightly. After a few IPL hair removal treatments, you'll see a huge reduction in ingrown hairs. 

Using pointy objects near your privates is a stressful affair. Waxing your testicles or pubic areas is often painful. IPL hair removal is painless, gentler on the skin and safer than other methods. 

Users of KIOR hair removal machine say that they can tell the difference between this latest device and the methods they've been using previously to maintain a hair-free body and visage. See what the fuss is all about before you plan to groom down there. 


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