Switching to Wearable Electric Breast Pumps

Switching to Wearable Electric Breast Pumps

After nine long months of anticipation, your bundle of joy has finally arrived. From figuring out the right way to care for your little one to recovering from your delivery, there is no doubt that life as a new parent can be bewildering. As matter of fact, from the moment you learnt that you were having a baby, you’ve probably been making back-to-back decisions. And of all the decisions to be made, getting a breast pump might not have been at the top of your to-do list — but it should be. With a wide range of breast pumps available in the market today, finding the right one that will cater to the needs of you and your baby can be daunting. But here’s the thing — with innovative breast pumps that allow you to have complete mobility so that you can just slip them into your bra and get on with your day, what more could one ask for? We’re talking about wearable electric breast pumps

What are hands-free electric breast pumps?

Designed to act like your best companion during breastfeeding, wearable electric breast pumps help you gain control of your motherhood journey. A product that ensures that pumping is always done on your own terms, wireless wearable breast pumps allow you to roam freely without any hassle. So what exactly are hands-free electric breast pumps?

As its name suggests, wearable pumps are those that are designed to be worn together with your nursing bra or a hands-free pumping bra. The main objective behind such an innovation is to provide a nursing mother with great mobility, privacy and comfort while pumping. As far as breast pump technology is concerned, the cheaper manual breast pump may have been the ultimate go-to for some time. However, with the introduction of wearable pumps, the convenience that it provides has dramatically shifted parental preferences and the market for hands-free electric breast pumps is constantly expanding. 

Are wearable electric breast pumps effective?

The right breast pump for you depends on how often you plan or expect to be pumping and at which stage of your lactation journey you’re at. And more than that, you’ll need an effective pump that will prevent any instances of painful engorgement. This means weaving through the various types of breast pumps — electric, battery-operated, and manual — and finding the one that will best help you maintain or increase your milk supply. Of all the breast pumps, electric ones are generally known to be the most powerful breast pumps you can get your hands on. Whether you get a single-electric or double-electric model, just know that electric breast pumps mean a suction will be created for you so you do not have to manually squeeze to stimulate your milk flow. But taking things up a notch is the hands-free option of electric breast pumps. If multi-tasking is your superpower, then a wearable electric breast pump will deliver unmatched simplicity and comfort for nursing mamas. Some of the benefits of choosing a hands-free electric breast pump include:

1. Unrivalled convenience

One of the most notable benefits of choosing a hands-free, wireless wearable breast pump is its defining feature — portability. Call them wearable breast pumps or hands-free breast pumps, either way, they offer unmatched flexibility, allowing mothers to pump wherever they go. Unlike the conventional breast pumps that run on electricity and are paired with several feet of tubing, wearable breast pumps are compact and wireless enough to be worn around while remaining invisible to those around. Say goodbye to heavy pumps and messy or tangled cords that hold you back and head out without any worry of not having access to a regular outlet. 

2. Freedom in the palm of your hands

Wire-free, hands-free, and hassle-free. These are a few of the many traits often associated with hands-free electric breast pumps. With technological advancements, electric breast pumps today are not only easy to clean but are also super quiet. There are some cordless electric breast pumps that produce sounds less than 40dB so that your baby will never be disturbed when sucking. 

3. Comfortable fit and pumping tech

If you are looking for a solution to ease your breastfeeding journey, then the soft silicone cups that often come with these pumps make it very safe for the human body. Beyond fitting snugly around the breast, pumps like the Kior Wearable Hands-Free Breast Pump boast an anti-reverse flow design too. This feature prevents the collected breast milk from being contaminated by keeping the milk separate from the pump pieces.

4. Most discreet design

Designed to fit into your life, wireless wearable breast pumps are silent and discreet. Move around as you please or work all day and never have to deal with wardrobe changes, leaking, or limitations. With no tubes or wires, these hands-free breast pumps can be worn inside a standard nursing bra so that you can feel confident pumping anywhere. 

If you are looking for a wireless wearable breast pump that checks all the aforementioned boxes, look no further than the Kior Wearable Hands-free Breast Pump. A quick-to-assemble device with minimal parts, this wearable electric pump is truly mobile and efficient. Made for multi-tasking mums, check out this cord-free wearable automatic breast pump online on Kior today.

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