Everything You Need to Know About IPL Hair Removal

Everything You Need to Know About IPL Hair Removal

Grown tired of waxing due to all the pain you’d have to endure or stressed about constantly having to shift your schedule around so that you don’t miss your hair removal appointments? Trust us, we’ve all been there. As much as society has evolved to the point where we are taught to embrace our natural selves and be more comfortable in our skin, there are still quite a few who prefer to go bare — a personal choice, of course. And for those of you who are tired of having to continually shave and wax to get rid of unwanted hair, there is a relatively new player in town that has been making waves since it was first introduced to the masses — IPL hair removal. With clinics opening up all over Singapore and beyond and with innovators jumping on every opportunity to create the next best at-home IPL hair removal device that is advanced enough to deliver the same professional results at home, is this no-mess option really worth the hype?

Why Do People Love IPL Hair Removal?

Promising to keep your skin smooth and free from unwanted hair for longer, all while mitigating the risks associated with ingrown hairs, cuts, and skin irritation, IPL hair removal is a modern technique that makes attaining confidence easy. But what exactly is IPL? 

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, and is a treatment that leverages strong pulses of light to treat various issues within the skin, such as skin pigmentation and spider veins. And when it comes to IPL hair removal, light energy is utilised to destroy the hair at the follicles by triggering coagulation at the bulb so that hair is rendered incapable of regrowing. Varying from laser hair removal which can only be performed by certified professionals, IPL devices are an at-home option that can zap away unwanted hair in a few minutes and deliver long-lasting results at a fraction of the cost. Some of the other reasons why IPL hair removal devices are the ultimate tool to tackle hair all over the body include:

1. Quick and Easy

Imagine this — one, singular device that can remove hair all over your body in a couple of minutes. Seems too good to be true? That’s exactly what IPL hair removal devices like the At-Home Laser Hair Removal Device by Kior are designed to do. Aside from the fact that full-body treatments can be done in less than an hour, the entire process is pain-free, safe and gentle. With different intensity modes, you can control your comfort levels and how gentle your treatment is. 

2. Value for Money

Unlike reusable shavers, IPL hair removal devices do not require any replacements or refills — one time investment cost with no refills or add-ons required. Moreover, these devices are built to last for years. This means that, unlike a single full-body wax session that will put you back more than a hundred dollars, these devices are an easier and more convenient solution that allows you to banish unwanted hair through regular treatments in an affordable way. Forget spending over $20 on a 4-pack refill blade every couple of weeks!

3. Reduce Hair Growth Permanently

Use it on your face or delicate areas, a quick zap is all it takes to tackle the root cause of the problem (no pun intended), eliminating pesky ingrown hair simultaneously. Say goodbye to bumps and stubble and revel in salon-worthy smoothness with a device that puts long-term hair removal right in the palm of your hand. Efficiently disrupting your hair follicle growth cycle across different parts of the body, with IPL hair removal devices like the handheld option by Kior, you can expect permanent hair removal within 8 weeks depending on your skin tone, coarseness of hair and intensity levels utilised.

4. Prevents Ingrown Hair

Ever tried a traditional hair removal method, only to have to run a razor over your tender skin all over again in less than a day? Not to mention the prickly regrowth and ingrowns! Disrupting the hair root growth cycle and preventing the follicle from growing back, IPL hair removal systems target deep-rooted hair, eliminating ingrown hairs without any hassle, and banishing them for good.

5. Saves You Time

Delivering salon convenience at home, you’ll never have to make a wax or IPL appointment again nor be a part of those far-from-pleasurable and embarrassing experiences again. Designed with features that will read your skin and hair root colours in real-time, these devices will emit a spectrum of light at different intensity levels based on your needs to maintain fuzz-free skin.

Doing IPL Hair Removal at Home Safely 

More often than not, customising your IPL treatment experience is left in the hands of your aesthetician. However, all that is thrown out the window with innovations that pack multiple full-body IPL sessions in one device. At-home IPL hair removal devices like those on Kior feature low energy levels, making them more handy and safer. Never worry about having to deal with laser hair removal burns or damaging your skin. Instead, you can now keep your private parts to yourself and use the Kior home laser hair removal device safely from head to toe, including on your face and bikini area.

Specifically designed for sensitive skin, the Kior At-Home Laser Hair Removal Device is just the thing you need to perform laser hair removal at home. Providing you the same intensity normally only found in cosmetic centres, get salon-worthy long-lasting smoothness across different parts of your body. Made for both men and women, check out this clinically proven at-home IPL hair removal device on Kior today.

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